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Diaballik - the game like football - faulty boxing

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Diaballik - the game like football - faulty boxing

Diaballik - the game like football - faulty boxing


is an abstract strategy game for 2 players. The game attempts to simulate a sport whereby 2 teams are simultaneously trying to get their ball to the opposite teams starting goal line.

The board depicts a 7×7 grid. Each player starts with 7 ball holders along their edge of the board and their ball in the middle holder. Players subsequently take turns completing the following actions:

  • Moving an empty ball holder orthogonally (up to 2 times); and/or
  • Making a ball "pass" by moving the ball from on holder to another along lateral (horizontal) or diagonal line. Pass are not limited in length as long as no opponent pieces are in the way.

First person to send their teams ball to a holder on the opponents starting line wins. It's worth noting that an impenetrable wall of ball holders results in an automatic loss to the player who created the wall.

Nominated for the 2006 As d'Or Game of the Year.


Author: Philippe Lefrancois


Contents and material:


1x Diaballik

  • a game board made of wood
  • 14 pieces in two colors of wood
  • 2 wooden balls
  • instructions
  • faulty boxing (carton is pushed or pulled)



Attention: Pictures and Texts - All rights reserved and protected by copyright


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Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years, because of small parts. Suffocation hazard!


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Diaballik - the game like football - faulty boxing


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